Refinancing of Residential Properties (detached, semi-detached, condominium or townhouse)

• Review mortgage commitment letter and other pertinent mortgage documents
• Liaise with existing mortgagee and review discharge documentation
• Draft necessary discharge documentation
• Investigating title
• Searching for executions
• Arranging for title insurance (if applicable)
• Searching for arrears of realty and other taxes and rates constituting statutory liens (as per new mortgagee’s instruction, if applicable)
• Making zoning and building by-law enquiries and searching for work orders (as per new mortgagee’s instruction, if applicable)
• Preparing mortgage documentation
• Attending to the closing and completing the refinancing
• Registering mortgage discharge (if applicable)
• Registering new mortgage
• Providing the client with a closing report, including opinion of title and copies of the mortgage registered and discharged (as applicable)

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