Commercial Real Estate

     Monish Sangani, the principal of Sangani Law Firm, has participated in
     various transactions. Please click here to view that list.

     In addition to our extensive experience, we will provide clear advice on a
     cost-effective basis on all facets of your transaction. Sangani Law Firm
     provides the following services:

      Purchase and Sale of commercial real estate
       (including commercial condominiums, apartment buildings, and office buildings).
      Purchase and Sale of land.
      Acting for Borrowers or Lenders on mortgage transactions.
      Advising Borrowers with respect to any possible mortgage liability.

     With respect to the purchase and sale of commercial real estate,
     we will perform the following services on your behalf:

     Purchase and/or Sale of Commercial Real Estate

     We look forward to assisting you with your commercial real estate matters.
     Please call or email us to schedule an appointment.
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